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The Story

Jeromine, a Swiss native from Lausanne, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, is the founder of Swisspip Chocolates.

Her journey from Switzerland to establishing a beloved chocolate brand in Ireland is a testament to her passion, determination, and love for both her heritage and her new home.


After moving to Ireland she directly adored the green hills, traditional music, and, most of all, the warm and welcoming people.
But there was one problem—she missed real Swiss chocolate. In Switzerland, chocolate is a big deal, and her grandparents had a special tradition of enjoying a chocolate square after lunch. This simple pleasure was a daily joy she couldn’t live without.


That’s when she had an idea: why not make her own Swiss chocolate in Ireland? Determined to create the best chocolate, she decided her chocolate would have no gluten, no GMOs, no artificial ingredients, no palm oil, and no soy. She also wanted it to be fair trade, ensuring every piece was made with care and respect for people and the planet.


The idea of starting her own chocolate brand was daunting; it wasn’t easy, but the people she met in Ireland were incredibly supportive. They loved her vision for the future of her chocolate brand and were captivated by the story behind it. With their encouragement, she began to actively work on creating a blend of Swiss tradition and Irish kindness.

2020 & 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unforeseen challenges. Due to uncertainties, Jeromine had to pause her work and cope with lockdowns and restrictions. Despite the difficulties, the pandemic highlighted the importance of comfort and joy, which provided a morale boost for her chocolate idea.


By 2022, Jeromine had partnered with a well-known Swiss manufacturer that used renewable energy, and she had designed recyclable cardboard packaging. From choosing the best cocoa beans to wrapping each bar, she ensured that everything would be perfect for the brand's launch.


By the end of 2023, she successfully launched her brand in Ireland, marking a significant milestone in her journey.