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CHOCOSUISSE is the Association of Swiss Chocolate Manufacturers and your expert contact for all questions concerning Swiss chocolate.

Swisspip Chocolates trademark registration has been checked and verified by CHOCOSUISSE to ensure the use of "Switzerland" as an indication of origin. CHOCOSUISSE combats misuse by monitoring trademark registrations and taking legal action against improper use of the Swiss designation for chocolate.


We at Swisspip Chocolates are proud to be part of this rigorous system that protects the integrity of Swiss chocolate. This verification ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and authenticity that are synonymous with Swiss chocolate.

By adhering to these standards, Swisspip Chocolates can confidently offer products that reflect the heritage and excellence of Swiss chocolate-making. We are committed to maintaining the authenticity and quality that our customers expect and deserve.

For more information about our commitment to quality or to report any misuse of the Swiss designation, please contact CHOCOSUISSE at